About Meow

I am a woman who fights depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia &  other medical issues.  I love animals, especially cats.  My tastes in music, books, tv, and other things are very eclectic.  I like RPG and PBEM and writing, poems & short stories.


One thought on “About Meow

  1. My mother suffers from exactly the same issues listed, it’s just wild how common these problems have become, and frightening to imagine the evidenced increase in their prevalence among people of all different ages and from all different walks of life. I myself have just recently began taking medication for depression and anxiety which has persisted for more than a couple years, but it’s certainly just a start. I have just taken up public and anonymous writing to finally gain a healthy outlet for expression and the motivation to keep on it. I hope you’re doing well! Great posts.


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